Understand the goals of the workouts you do – I can’t stress that enough.

If you are here just to burn calories and perspire, you would be better off getting a Zwift account. My workouts have purposes which you need to understand in order to do the workout right. Workouts are not just about effort, my workouts include the use of technique and recovery, sometimes both at the same time. Understand the intensity levels and resistance levels, understand how the muscle groups fit into the workout. The closer you follow the workouts the better your training will be.

What’s a big gear?

I always have a hard time getting gearing or resistance across to riders. I will break it down to 5 levels and generate a graphic notation to indicate what kind of resistance you should have. Here are the levels:

Level 1: Pedaling air, super easy

Level 2: Slightly downhill, a fast spin

Level 3: Level ground, a moderate cadence

Level 4: Full body weight on pedals, climbing cadence

Level 5: High torque, slow cadence