This can’t work…

As I prepare to reach a larger audience by adding a website and a YouTube channel I am faced with a problem. being successful on-line means using confirmation bias – if you agree with what people think they will like you. If that’s what you’re after, try GCN. They have made countless videos saying that your natural cadence and natural pedaling style is probably the best. I’m not going to agree with that, so I won’t be very popular.

I present simple methods of testing, starting with my method of isolating the glutes instead of trying to use the quads in pushing down. It’s as simple as setting the bike up on a trainer and stopping the pedal at 3:00. That example will probably go against two things that you thought you knew. First, the quad can’t push down. Second, upper body movement is not inefficient, it’s using the torso as a lever arm.

A small percentage of people who find this website will actually do the test, even fewer will accept that what they know or the skillset they use is wrong. This is called willful ignorance, it doesn’t stop there. Those who accept that pedaling a bike is a learned skillset will also begin to understand the possibilities of cycling.