e-bikes are a wonderful alternative form of transportation, but they are not without their faults and dangers. Here are the two dangers I see that nobody else is talking about.

  1. Workout value: I’ve been watching people in e-bikes for a number of years. It’s not exactly pedal assist, it’s more like the pedals are used as a throttle control. I know this because I watch their body position on the bike as they ride. They learn to sit more upright (wind resistance has nothing to do with their speed) which means they can’t leverage their body weight on the pedals or use their largest muscle group. It also means that it’s not weight bearing. This little fact should alarm people because the time they spend thinking that they’re exercising is really decreasing bone density. Time will tell if I’m right on that one. There is a fair amount of testing done on the exercise value of riding an e-bike, unfortunately it’s being done by idiots who don’t understand their own data.
  2. Handling ability: There is a saving grace to the learning curve in cycling, the newest riders with the worst bike handling skills are slow, so it hurts less when they crash. Anyone can hop on an e-bike and have Cat1 bike racer power and speed, with Cat5 handling skills…