The plan

Winter training looks like this:


This is a generic winter training program. It’s a well thought out sequence that puts the learning process in the right order to succeed. It starts with basic pedal stroke work. As the basis for everything else in the program, basic pedal stroke work is the only focus at that point. Then comes base mileage – the time spent making what was learned in pedal stroke 101 second nature. Base mileage is halted at a point for advanced pedal stroke, as both strength and timing are added into the program.  Fitness is really a byproduct of base mileage. At some point well into base mileage hill work begins. Hill work is a critical transition because it’s where pedaling technique often fails – what was learned on the trainer must also work on the hills. From there the program focuses on certain strengths. Intervals are about recovery from efforts. Because the efforts have to be at full intensity, no other fitness training is done at the same time as intervals.  This is where faith in a well designed program helps – better recovery will make everything else better, you’re not going to lose anything by stopping all other training and doing intervals.  There is a certain about of technique work to doing intervals. If the rest of the program worked well, this should just be a review of the sequence of muscle recruitment.