Fizik Kurve saddles

Fi’zi:k  Kurve saddles


I’ve been using the Fizik Aliante saddle for years, and I’ve been happy with it – saddle fit is an individual thing, I’m not implying that you’ll find it comfortable.  Two years ago Fizik came out with a new line of saddles called Kurve. The shape of the Curve saddles follows their most popular road saddles, using their “spine concept” fitting system.  I don’t buy into the saddle fitting BS that saddle companies come up with, so I’m not going into that. I will say they have a “Bull” saddle, which has the same shape as the Aliante, a “Snake” saddle, which has the same shape as their Arione, and a “Chameleon” saddle which has the same shape as their Antares.  The Kurve saddle is a departure from their standard saddles in that it’s a cast rail system with a removable carbon that has thinner windows at key flex points. The saddle also features hard rubber edges.


I was handed a Curve saddle to try out in the winter, when most of my mileage was on my fixed gear – the hardest test for a saddle. My first impression was that the hard rubber edges look like a windshield wiper and were probably going to feel like a razor blade.  I also made the mistake of looking at the price while not being seated. That saddle doubled the value of my fixed gear!

Before I get too far into this I should point out that the saddle I tested was defective. The first generation had carbon fiber windows at the flex points which would crack as they flexed. You can tell the first generation by the silver underside, the replacement saddles have a yellow tint to the carbon windows. Sadly, almost nobody in the industry knows this, most of the saddles I’ve seen for sale are still the first gen.

On the road:

The shape of the saddle wasn’t going to be an issue for me, because it’s the same as what I’ve used for years – nothing changed there.  The hard rubber edges weren’t an issue, in fact I noticed less of the edges than I do with my older padded saddle.  The carbon shell felt much like my older saddle at it’s best, all the time. I’ve had issues with saddles feeling harder when it gets really cold – not the Kurve!  My older saddles also started falling apart at the seams after after a year or so. I put 1500 miles on the Kurve that winter and handed back what looked like a new saddle.

One little complaint:

If you snap the little Fizik label out of the back of the saddle there is a little snap socket that accepts Fizik accessories.  Their accessories suck. It’s the perfect place to attach a blinking tail light, and they do make one. It’s the worst blinking tail light in the world, the battery lasts for maybe two hours and in the dark it’s hard to notice when it’s on. Yeh, it’s that bad.  Only slightly better is their saddle bag which also clips directly into the back of the saddle.  It’s too small to carry anything, but if you do manage to get what you need in there the holder will probably break, so it won’t be there when you need it.