Product reviews

Have you ever tried to do some on-line research on a product you were interested in? The same product is reviewed by many different people, on many different sites, yet most of the reviews say the same thing – even most of the pictures are the same.  I’m now a product tester for a number of different companies, and they keep telling me that my findings are different than everyone else – are we using the same thing???  Sadly, I can’t publish my reviews for the companies I product test for, but I can review other things that I use.

As a product reviewer, here is my promise: I’m not going to rewrite what the manufacturer writes about the product – I probably won’t even read it. I won’t use their photographs or anything I find on the web.  I’ll use the product, I’ll probably wear it out. I’ll be brutally honest about what it does well and what it doesn’t.

Just a word about honesty: Marketing people don’t know what the word means.  I’ve been criticized many times for saying something negative about a product or a person (probably myself).  In the real world everything has it’s down sides, I live in the real world, I’m reviewing product based on that. If you live in a perfect world, you need not read anything I write.  If you’re comparing products using my review vs. someone else’s review of another product, please keep in mind that I’m going for brutal honesty and they’re coming from Perfectville.