Open coaching rides

Open coaching rides

Few cycling coaches ride with their clients – I’ve never understood this.  The assumption that it all just works is why it doesn’t.  I ride with my clients because I want to see it working.   Open coaching sessions are a chance to have a coach there with you to see what’s happening and explain how it should work.

 The schedule:

Mon 10/7     6:30am   Vinson Owen school parking lot (Winchester)  Hill climbing (in the saddle)
Mon 10/14   6:30am   Vinson Owen school parking lot                           Hill climbing (out of the saddle)
Mon 10/21   6:30am   Starbucks/Trader Joe’s (Arlington heights)       Speedwork
Mon 10/28  6:30am   Wedgmere T station (Winchester)                        Time trialing

I know that sunrise is getting later, I know that it’s still dark at 6:30.  The first part of each session is me explaining what we’ll be working on.  Somewhere between when I stop talking and the traffic picks up, we’ll have time to practice the skill of the day.

I will update this page if things chance, as I’m sure they will. It’s worth checking back here from time to time.  I’m also open to changes in schedule – I’m throwing this out because Mondays seem to have the least going on.

Ride notes:

   These rides are about building skills. They’re not about going fast, they’re not about the effort. In fact, lots of people never develop the skills they need because they can’t see past the effort.  The goal here is to go just as fast with less effort, that will translate to going faster later.   I’m not chasing people down…

I will be doing bike handling sessions as well, I’m waiting to see the response to these rides before putting them on the schedule.