16 week class

Goals: Efficient pedal stroke & fitness.

Synopsis:  Intervals are the way to fitness, getting the point to being able to do them takes some doing. The full class covers pedal stroke, climbing, base fitness and pedaling technique at higher output levels.

Week 1: Hip flexors

Week 2: Glutes

Week 3: Quads

Week 4: Base mileage workout

Week 5: Glutes vs. quads

Week 6: Glutes, round 2

Week 7: Quads, round 2

Week 8: Sustain vs Up-tempo

Week 9: 4×8’s part 1

Week 10: 4×8’s part 2

Week 11: Climbing simulation

Week 12: Base mileage workout 2

Week 13: Crossover workout

Week 14: Intro to intervals

Week 15: Intervals

Week 16: Intervals