Other stuff:

The photography project:

A while back I got back into photography. I was a photographer back in the days of film, but I gave it up when digital took over. Some of the views from my rides made me get back into it, but the normal formats felt too limited.

This is my “camera bike”, it’s my Specialized Crux with custom panniers for camera equipment. This gets me to where the views are…

Bigger images

Having a background in large format photography, I’ve always felt restricted by modern digital cameras. I want to capture so much detail that it takes a while to view the whole image. To do that I started to create HDR panoramas. HDR means High Dynamic Range, which is how I capture the color and intensity of the brightest parts of the image while still showing detail in the shadows by combining multiple exposures. The panorama is created by stitching together multiple rows and columns of HDR images. The result is a rather large file of an image I can print as large as I want.