Custom work

Problems and solutions

Fitting people on bikes is a problem because the bike is pretty close to perfect, but the human body rarely is. The pedals go around the same circle on both sides, a body with discrepancies from one side to the other does not. In most cases it’s an adjustment here or there. In extreme cases extra steps have to be taken to make it all work. This is one of those cases…


This is an aluminum plate formed to fit the bottom of a Specialized S-Works shoe


This is a 1/2″ aluminum block drilled for a SpeedPlay cleat. The center of the block has been drilled out to save weight. Also note the index mark on the side which shows the location of the pedal spindle.


The plate is machined flat on one side and the block is mounted to it.


A SpeedPlay cleat is mounted to the block. At this point varus or valgus shims could be mounted between the cleat and the block for alignment if needed.


The whole assembly is then mounted to the shoe using the look bolt pattern plus one extra mounting point added to the shoe at the back of the plate.