Tandem classes

In past winters at Wheelworks I offered pedal stroke classes. This year I’ve had some interest in a pedal stroke class that’s specific to tandem couples. Tandems throw some new requirements into the mix. Not only does the rider have to recruit the right large muscle group at the right time in the pedal stroke, but the two riders have to be in sync.

The outline of my Pedal stroke 101 class can be found  here.

I would like to run two tandem classes, the Friday evening class for those who I’ve worked with before on pedal stroke, and the Wednesday evening class for those I have not.  Both classes will be on tandems on trainers, both classes will go from 6:30 – 8:00pm.

The Wednesday class will go over fit on the tandem based on center of gravity over pedals and the use of the two largest muscle groups. It will get into synchronizing the use of the largest muscle group, which is the basis for how tandems climb well. The Friday class will get right into getting into sync and then cover how riding a tandem is a game of momentum.

There is a fair amount of commitment needed for this class (much like buying a tandem!).  In my individual pedal stroke classes I’ve had many of my larger riders overpower fluid trainers (what a wonderful problem to have!) so we’re going to skip straight to the Kicker Snap smart trainer. In addition to having enough resistance for two people, it’s the best tool for learning how tandem riding is different than riding a single bike.

I’m going to limit the class size to 4 tandems – that’s twice the number of riders in my individual classes, but there’s a reason it should work better.  When it comes to timing, the stoker has a perfect example right in front of them, as long as the captain is a perfect example (now the pressure is on!).