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Good coaching starts with fitting – I can’t get around this. Isolating muscle groups on the bike means being in the right position to do so, being within your range of motion is the basis for injury prevention. For those two reasons, coaching and fitting have a certain amount of overlap.

Most of my fitting is done at Belmont Wheelworks where I’m one of the fitters. Being at a bike shop gives me access to parts that may have to be changed out during the fitting. In cases where there are significant fitting issues, the shop’s fitting schedule doesn’t allow me the freedom to make changes and watch the adaptation. For those few cases I’m willing to do the fitting outside of the shop.


I will be offering on-location coaching for individuals or groups, on-bike coaching for individuals or approved groups and individual coaching in my own training space (not recommended for really tall people…)

On-location training: This format has worked well in the past, I hope to extend my client list this year with the expanded offerings.  On-location simply means I come to you, but I have a few requirements of the training space and equipment. First, the bike and stationary trainer must work. If that’s not the case, get in touch with me at Wheelworks and we’ll solve that problem.  Second, you’re going to need a feedback loop – a video camera, tripod and monitor, so you can see what you’re really doing. This is not optional, assuming you’re doing it all correct doesn’t work.

Individual: Individual coaching is often the best route for the first part of the program because people learn at different rates. It’s the most expensive way, but often worth it, as least for the first few sessions.

Groups: Group training works for a number of reasons. First, it makes coaching more affordable. Second, it adds a social element to training that makes it more fun. Third, there is motivation in seeing your friends training – you never want to be the one who’s falling behind! While the initial sessions are best done on an individual basis, fitness based sessions (early spring) are best done in groups.

On-road training: A stationary trainer is a wonderful learning device in that it’s true isolation. You can work on just one muscle group and nothing is going to interfere. Transferring what you’ve learned on the trainer to the road is another story. There are also a lot of skills that I can’t teach on the trainer because the dynamics of a moving bicycle are too complex to be simulated on a trainer.  For those things I offer on-road training sessions.


My rate is $80.00/hour.  On-location coaching eliminates my overhead, and the point of group coaching is to reduce the cost of coaching, so that price is the same for fitting, individual coaching, group coaching or on-road coaching.