A word about doping

There are two reasons that people test their performance. One reason is how you look at yourself. There is a sense of accomplishment in reaching your goals, you know what it took and what was sacrificed to get there. It is an honest picture of who you are.  The other reason is about how others see you.  This is what Yoda would call the dark side. There is admiration for reaching your goals, but they’re kept in the dark about how you got there.

Cheating doesn’t work if you’re doing this for yourself – there’s no way to cheat and not know it. Cheating can only work if you’re doing this for how others see you – and they don’t see the whole truth. If you feel the need for glory, and are willing to cheat to get there, please find some other coach.

While my clients have found their share of success on the bike, you won’t find a list of top racers I’ve coached or races they’ve won here.  My coaching is about teaching people how to be better riders. The reward for that is being a better rider – no doping needed.