2017/2018 program


My goal is a simple one, offer a coaching program that is effective, affordable, accessible and kinda fun. To that end I have to address a number of issues:

Location:  I don’t at this time have a location suitable for group training. Leasing a space and setting it up for fitting and coaching would be expensive, the costs would then have to be included in the coaching fees. There’s also a question of accessibility, having a training location in the Arlington/Belmont area is a traffic nightmare to get to for those who live in Newton.

Cost:  The learning process has three steps, The initial step [cognitive stage] is where  you go from unskilled to understanding how the skill happens. To make that rapid and effective the teacher (or coach) needs to be there. The second step [associative stage] is where the skill is transformed into a motor skill. A feedback loop is needed so the student can see what they are doing, so they can correct problems as soon as they appear. The teacher (or coach) should keep an eye on their progress, but they don’t need to be there all the time. The third stage [autonomous stage] is where the skill becomes second nature. It gives the teacher (or coach) great pride in seeing this, but you don’t need to be paying them for that.  My point in all of this is that the coach only needs to be there for a fraction of the time, which makes good coaching affordable.

Effectiveness: There are two parts to any good winter training program, skills and fitness. Fitness is the engine, skills are what efficiently transfer the power.  Skills have to come first. This makes sense in a well planned out training program because raising your fitness level in the fall isn’t going to make a positive difference next spring.  The real gains are to be made when fitness is applied to the skills learned.

What I teach is not a Spinning class, the initial pedal stroke work isn’t about the workout. Trying to make it a workout often defeats the learning process. Come early spring there will be plenty of hard training to be done – just ask any of my past clients about recovery intervals. My program can only be effective if you can turn off your work ethic long enough to learn.