Being aware.


Fall cycling in New England is a special time. Hot summer days give way to cold fall mornings, the leaves change colors and the days get shorter.  It’s a time when even the most enthusiastic cyclists can back off on their training and just enjoy the ride. It may not seem to be the time to start thinking about next season, but I think it is, and I’ll share with you my reasons.

There’s two parts to riding a bike – fitness and technique.  For most people, somewhere in their 30’s their fitness starts going the wrong way, and there’s no fighting that.  The saving grace of the bicycle is that it’s such an efficient machine that youth isn’t a requirement, as long as the rider is efficient.  Few people ever work on how efficiently they pedal a bike or even know how to. There’s lots of advice floating around about how to pedal, but there’s almost nothing available in actual instruction. This fall that could change.

My pedal stroke program is like how an engineer would build an engine. I look for where the power is available and when it’s available and I build a learning process around it. This not only produces more power, it makes the bike far more comfortable as well.  The learning process is short enough that the improvements can be noticed in under a month. In other words, fall riding gets better.


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