Being aware.


A different perspective

You can do an on-line search for how to set saddle height and find hundreds of pages and videos telling you how it’s done. They will all give you their method of setting saddle height, but few will explain the reasons for everything they do.

My learning process is probably different than yours, I have no sequential memory. If you tell me how to do something is a step by step sequence it will go in one ear and out the other – no sequential memory. I have to understand everything I do, it’s the only way I can work. If you do things because you were instructed to do them without understanding, you’re putting way too much trust in your source (who probably put way too much trust in their source). Example: probably the most common method of setting saddle fore/aft position is something called Knee Over Pedal Spindle. There’s no basis for it, but lots of people have heard of this method, and they tell lots of other people, and the cycle continues.

Here’s a very simple concept – if I can’t explain everything I do, or I don’t explain it well enough, don’t accept it.

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