The start of a journey…


It starts with a desire and a statement of intent – “I want to be a ________”.  It could be anything, a musician, a fire fighter, a cyclist…   It’s not a decision to be taken lightly because making it happen takes a lot of dedication and hard work. It also takes the knowledge of how to reach that goal, which is where I come in.

First we must define what it means to be a cyclist. Almost everybody can ride a bicycle, what sets apart the true cyclist is the level of skill they ride with and what they get from it in return.  A true cyclist looks forward to the next ride, the next early morning on the bike, the next challenging hill…  It’s a level that few people will reach or even understand, but any true cyclist will tell you it’s well worth the time and effort in getting there.

The distinction between true cyclist and bike rider is in having both the skill sets and the confidence that having those skills allows. Ask a bike rider if they want to go on a ride and the lack of confidence starts to show – how long? how fast? are there hills?  Ask the same question to a true cyclist and their desire to spend time on the bike shows. On the bike the distinctions are similar, the true cyclist looks forward to the next challenge, the next hill, the next town line sprint, while the bike rider asks “how much longer is this ride?”.

This is where most people will argue “I just ride for fun”. That’s fine, but I would argue that you couldn’t really know what it’s like to be a true cyclist because you’ve never been there. Most people just ride for fun, that’s fine for them. Life is about prioritizing what matters to you, cycling isn’t on the top of their list. What I do in coaching is for those who want to find out what it’s like to get there. Riding the bike for fun takes on a whole new meaning.

Anyone reading this probably has the mental image of a thin, ultra fit bike racer as my target audience. I do work with bike racers as that was my own background, but it’s not my only focus. Take a look at my testimonials below and you’ll notice they’re mostly about gaining skills and confidence, or eliminating the frustrations that go along with not knowing how to do something.

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