Being aware.



“It’s like riding a bike”

Riding a bike is one of those things that everybody thinks they’re an expert on. They share that cycling knowledge with others, so the vast majority of information out there is crap. I don’t believe anything that anyone has ever told me, I prefer to understand things and put them to the test. everything in cycling has a reason behind it rooted in physics and math. If I can’t explain the reason for anything I say, you shouldn’t believe it either.

There is a commonly held belief that pedaling a bike is a natural skill set. That seems odd because most of us spent the first year of our lives learning how to walk – you would think that would be the natural skill set… The truth is that pedaling doesn’t have failure states that most people notice. When you learned to walk you fell down – that’s a failure state. In pedaling a bike the pedals go around in a circle, you can’t make them take any other path. If your total efficiency > 0 the pedals go around. You couldn’t set the bar any lower for that skill set.

Forget what you think you know about cycling, we’re starting over. This time instead of baseless ideas that you pedal in circles, we are going to engineer a method of pedaling a bike based on muscle groups moving pivots of the body. We will cover when each muscle group can effectively add power to the pedal stroke and more to the point when they can’t.

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